Recruitment and Retention

Welcome to the YAHR Recruitment and Retention webpage.

Its purpose is to provide a suite of resources for use by u3as in the Region to support any R&R initiatives they may wish to undertake. We hope you find it useful.

If there are any matters not covered here or you need further information you can always contact me via

Nick David, York u3a


My thanks to all who attended our Recruitment and Retention Workshop in Leeds last month. Hopefully this will have inspired you to set up your own R&R campaign. The focus of attention has since shifted to Recruiting Committee Members. I’ve issued a bulletin on the subject and if you missed it first time round, it’s now available via the HOT TOPICS section opposite. And don’t forget there’s an online national workshop on this on 19th June (see UPCOMING EVENTS).

Meanwhile, membership levels for the Region’s u3as are due out shortly so we’ll be able to see what progress we’re making. I’ll keep you posted.


The Third Age Trust has created a Toolkit to help with R&R initiatives. Compiled by Paul Martinez with help from u3as around the country, it’s broken down in to a number of subject areas, all of which can be found via


A series of bulletins covering up-to-date matters of R&R interest raised by the Region’s u3as is here. Click on the links below.

Recruiting Younger Members

Recruiting Committee Members

Please let me know if there’s a subject of particular concern you’d like help with and we’ll see what we can find for you.


Monday 19th June : Recruiting Committee Members online national workshop.

Monday 26th June : Growth Matters online national workshop.

To find out more and book go to and scroll down the page.