YAHR PR Advisor

We are pleased to say Helen Leech has taken on the role, following the Election of Margaret Fiddes as Regional Trustee for YAHR, Helen can be contacted using contacts page for advice or hcleech@aol.com

‘The aim of the role is to support u3as in the region in their efforts to engage with local media and press in order to raise their profile.’

This new role is part of the Trust’s strategic project of raising the profile of the u3a movement.  I will be part of a UK wide team of other PR Advisors and I am looking forward to working with u3as in our region.  

If u3as could get in touch with details of their publicity or PR secretaries names please that would be most helpful.  It would be really useful to build up a database of contacts across the region.  Please do email details to me and of course any questions or queries. 

Many thanks. Helen

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